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Online Course Deals September 2016

Online Course Deals September 2016

Course Deals

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Currently 77% of corporations use online learning platforms to keep their workforce up to date with skill sets and industry trends. Online courses are also one of the least cost-intensive ways of upping your own earning potential or skill set. Whether you’re looking for a new job, to excel in your existing position, or just interested in self improvement, check out the best online course deals of March 2016 below!

1. Udemy


  • Number of Courses: 35,000+
  • Current Deal: 30% off all courses
  • Online Platform Features: Video Lectures, Exercises, Certifications, Robust Reviewing Process
  • Disciplines Available:
    • Development
    • Business
    • IT & Software
    • Office Productivity
    • Personal Development
    • Design
    • Marketing
    • Lifestyle
    • Photography
    • Health & Fitness
    • Teacher Training
    • Music
    • Academics
    • Language
    • and Test Prep

2. Shaw Academy






Shaw Academy is currently one of the fastest growing online course platforms, offering well-reviewed cohort based training in a wide variety of practical and skill-based topics. Courses are approved by a number of large employers (that can be viewed on a course-by-course basis) who utilize Shaw Academy’s training resources in their work force.

  • Number of courses: 23
  • Current deal: Save up to 97% on live online education for personal or business settings
  • Online Platform Features: cohort-based, live feedback, project-based, forums, well-reviewed courses, approved by many corporate users
  • Disciplines Available:
    • Financial Trading
    • Digital Marketing
    • Photography
    • Nutrition
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Development
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Photoshop
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Lightroom
    • Blogging & Content Marketing
    • Mobile App Development
    • Wedding Photography
    • Diet & Weight
    • Child Nutrition
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Career Advancement
    • Metal Trading
    • Household Budgeting
    • Health and Fitness
    • Investment
    • Coding for Kids
    • Psychology of Sales
    • Fast Track Business Success

3. Treehouse

Treehouse is a great way to slowly build up new skill sets with over 1,000 expert-led videos on important aspects of development and design. Once you’ve watched a few videos, try out your new skills in their interactive coding challenges and games. And once you’ve joined, members forums offer unique team-learning and coaching opportunities in a wide variety of skill sets. The best part: you can currently sign up for two free months. If you don’t like Treehouse, cancel and you won’t be charged!

  • Number of Courses: 1,000+ videos and numerous games and challenges
  • Current Deal: 2 months free, cancel anytime
  • Online Platform Features: Video, Games, Exercises, Community and Instructor Forums, Workspaces
  • Disciplines Available:
    • Web Development
    • Software Development
    • Business
    • Design

4. Pluralsight

I’ve used Pluralsight for some time now, and feel they offer a great mixture between breadth and depth of individual courses. Their courses center around design, software development, business, and a few other disciplines. Filter by roles, the tool you seek to use, difficulty level, illustrious authors, and certification type. Currently over 3000 courses are available and you can try an unlimited number for two weeks free. I love the front end masters courses, they’re taught by top, top developers and hard to find elsewhere.

  • Number of Courses: 3,000+ video courses, exercise files, forums
  • Current Deal: 2 weeks free, cancel anytime
  • Online Platform Features: Wide variety of video sources (talks, lectures, presentations, traditional online courses), exercise files, easily searchable database
  • Disciplines Available:
    • Architecture/Construction
    • Business Professional
    • Creative Professional
    • Data Professional
    • IT OPs
    • Manufacturing Design
    • Software Development