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With the average number of jobs a person works in a lifetime projected to grow over the next fifty years, lifelong learning has never been more important. Online courses and degree programs make it easier for us to learn the skills we need to land those jobs over the course of our lifetime while we work and care for our families. But with the powerful explosion of online course offerings over the last ten years, there has come the great responsibility of choosing an online education that hiring committees will trust. That's where we come in. Since 2013, we've been ranking free online courses, paid online courses, and online degree programs according the metrics that matter most to adult learners who work: Flexibility, Affordability and Academic Quality. During that same timeframe, we've also been studying, publishing, and closely following the most recent developments in the online education industry. So we know a little bit about where the industry has been and where it's going.

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Online Course Report pays special attention to highlighting the most lucrative and in-demand skills provided by online courses. These include coding, writing, search engine optimization, data analysis, and social media marketing. With open education opportunities and massive open online courses (MOOCs), many of these skills are free to learn. For those that aren't, there is a growing body of online degree programs and certifications that can provide you with the practical skills you need to advance in your career. Learning skills online doesn't have to be intimidating. In fact, we've found that learning some of the most lucrative online skills in their natural, online habitat is often quick and simple.

The 30 Most Lucrative Skills you Can Learn Online

Education isn’t just about getting that degree––it’s about honing skills that will make graduates desirable in a competitive workplace. Here are 30 skills that could set people apart from the rest or be the foundation of a brand new career.

The 50 Best Jobs for Online Learners

A certain type of learner truly does thrive in an environment where they set the goals, they don’t have to interface with as many people, and they can work on their own time. As the number of job types available to those primarily studying online grows, there’s less reason than ever for those for whom online education is a good fit to endeavor into brick and mortar classrooms. Find out more in our 50 best jobs for online learners.

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Many of the most prestigious public and private universities in the world offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Free and open online education has been heralded for enabling learners to access and acquire working proficiencies in some of the newest, most innovative areas of study to debut at colleges and universities since the dawn of the twenty-first century, But since classes in many of these topics are still hard to come by at traditional colleges and universities, they are ripe for the picking among online learners.


White papers and online education research

State of the MOOC 2017

Last year, we published the State of the MOOC 2016: A Year of Massive Landscape Change for Massive Open Online Courses. Much of that article took up the question of what is going to happen to MOOCs and traditional courses as more distant learning opportunities emerge, making online and higher education more affordable and accessible to a greater number of learners? We are confident in saying that online education is changing the landscape of higher education for the better. And that largely because it is open and privatized.

State of the MOOC 2016

Going on eight years since MOOCs first entered the scene, massive open online courses have gone from cameras at the back of U.S. college classrooms to several full-fledged ecosystems in the global industry of online learning. Touted initially by creators for growing opportunities in the verticals of Distance Education, Lifelong Learning, Continuing Education, and making a college education both free and accessible, MOOCs have also been criticized heavily by established academics for sanctioning edutainment, teaching methods that are unprofessional, as well as the corporatization of higher education.

The Most Popular MOOCs of All Time

In one of our most popular pieces of content we've kept a live count of the most popular MOOCs for the last several years. Unique for its findings on what lifelong and non-traditional students would like to learn, many of the top courses are in in-demand technical discplines, as well as on how to learn, mind hacks, psychology, and the humaniries. Enjoy!