Online Courses

Online courses have a proven track record of helping a wide variety of individuals reach their personal and career goals.

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Types of Online Courses

While perhaps not true in the past, online courses can aid would-be students seeking to study at almost any level including:

  • K-12 and GED Learning
  • Practicing for Standardized Tests
  • Trade and Skill-Based Learning
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Personal Enrichment Learning
  • For-Credit College Courses
  • Professional and Graduate Degrees

Additionally, online courses come at a variety of price points and commitment levels. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) provide access to applied and theoretical learning from some of the nation's top universities for free. Paid online courses come in every form from webinars offered by corporations and professional associations, to full-fledged online degrees.

Discerning Which Online Courses Are Right For You

When looking for online courses, future students should seek to discern what their trying to gain from online courses, as well as monetary and time-related constraints on their education. While you don't have to move or quit your job to take courses online, online courses can be rigorous and as involved as degrees in traditional in-person degree programs.

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Online Courses By Topic

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