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Genetics and Skills [Infographic]

Genetics and Skills [Infographic]

Some people are more predisposed to certain talents than others. Let’s take a look at which skills are often affected by genetics.

Genetics doesn’t just determine our hair and eye colors. They are also an indicator of how we will behave in certain situations.

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Genetics and Skills

Genetics also affect how likely someone is to…(1)

…be politically liberal.

…be a thrill-seeker.

…live a long and healthy life.

…be sexually promiscuous.

…donate to charity.

About 60%

Percentage of influence that genes have on cognitive ability (1)


Percentage of a child’s learning ability that is genetic (2)


The average percentage of their IQ that children inherit from their parents.(3)

Specific Skills

Other skills that genetics may determine include: (8,9,10,11)

The ability to recognize faces

The part of the brain that recognizes faces is in the temporal lobe. When this is less active or damaged, people cannot recognize others as well. (4)

Athletic ability

A Princeton study found that hours upon hours of deliberate practice in athletes only accounted for an 18% difference in performance, lending more proof to the genetic factor.(5)

Mathematic comprehension

The U.S. is ranked 35th out of 64 countries in national math test scores.(6)

Reading fluency

The same genes that help determine a person’s math skills also affect a person’s ability to read text fluently. (3)

Learning a foreign language

1 in 4 Americans can hold a conversation in a second language other than English. (7)



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