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The Best 50 Online MBA Programs

For driven business professionals, an MBA is still the gold standard in higher education.

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In an ever-changing job market, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is an attractive option for those wanting to gain management experience. In fact, the latest statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics show that 191,571 students earned an MBA in 2011 and 2012, a significantly higher number than a few decades ago, where 26,490 students took home MBAs in the 1970 and 1971 school years.


Considering most of today’s MBAs require three or more years or work experience and many potential graduate students want to maintain their current career while attending classes, online MBA programs have been popping up at some of the best learning institutions across the country. These programs can include an online component to traditional classroom learning or offer completely virtual learning with little or no in-person residencies. And unlike MBAs of yesteryear, today’s students also have choices in terms of degree concentration and length of the program–anywhere from one to six years.


This listing has chosen 50 programs from all over the nation based on their overall cost, how the program is built, and the prestige of the university offering the degree.



For this particular listing, these factors were weighed when ranking the programs:

  • Affordability (1/3): the overall average cost of the program for out-of-state students, per credit hour; other fees not included.
  • Flexibility (1/3): the makeup of the program: fully online, hybrid, or class-based learning with online features.
  • Academic prestige (1/3): the strength and reputation of a given program according to other prominent rankings such as US News.


1. Scranton University


A top 10 regionally ranked school, Scranton University now offers an online MBA. Students can expect to graduate in 36 credit hours, earning a general MBA or choosing for a variety of concentrations. Participants can tailor their degree to careers in international business, healthcare management, and operations management, among others. The degree is bookended by a cornerstone and capstone courses, and then students can select electives as they work their way through core curriculum.  Tuition for the program is $837.00 per credit hour.



2. The University of West Georgia

Ranked as a top 100 school in the South, the Richards College of Business at University of West Georgia now offers its Georgia WebMBA, allowing students to earn a degree in 30 credit hours. Students only need to visit Atlanta at the beginning for an in-person orientation, then they can learn whenever and wherever they want. The Georgia WebMBA utilizes professors from across six institutions under the University of Georgia system. The total cost of the program is $22,170 plus a one-time $700 orientation fee.



3. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



The Kenen-Flager Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers an online MBA that allows students to virtually attend classes on a weekly basis while completing self-paced study. Students can also choose from multiple concentrations, including marketing, corporate finance, sustainable enterprise, and entrepreneurship, among others at this nationally ranked top 30 institution. The 66-credit-hour degree costs $1,510.23 per credit hour.



4. The University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire


The consortium MBA program at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire features small classes and online modules. Students typically graduate anywhere from two to three years from this nationally ranked top 40 school, depending on how many classes they complete. The 30-credit-hour degree costs $675 per credit hour. For students who don’t have an undergraduate degree in business, but would like to work toward an MBA in the future, the consortium program also offers a 13-credit hour certificate.



5. The University of St. Francis


The College of Business and Health Administration at University of St. Francis allows students to earn an MBA in just one year, completely online or in a traditional classroom. The nationally ranked top 30 school allows up to eight concentrations, including finance, human resource management, logistics, and management. The core curriculum focuses on leadership and management, as well as global challenges related to the business world and students learn from professors with real business world expertise. Graduate students can also complete case studies and build skills during team projects. Top students can also earn the opportunity to be inducted into Delta Mu Delta, an internationally recognized honor society. The 36-credit-hour degree costs $770 per credit hour. A certificate program is also available for learners who want to work toward an MBA at a later date.



6. Pennsylvania State University


Penn State World Campus offers an intercollege MBA in just 48 credit hours. The university goes the extra mile to help students feel like they’re right there on campus–from ordering books to virtual review database access in the school’s library. A career services team is there to address any issues.  Two residencies are required, and the second one is a team business simulation. The two-year program costs $59,312.



7. Temple University


The Fox School of Business at Temple University allows students to gain an MBA over the course of 48 credits. The program is focused on collaborative learning and students attend lectures via WebEx taught by internationally recognized professors. To kick off the program, students attend a week-long residency, the all coursework is taught over four-week blocks. The program is built so students are constantly engaging with each other on team-building projects and exercises. The cost of the program is 1,296 per credit hour.



8. The University of Wisconsin – Madison


Available through the University of Wisconsin System’s ecampus, students can earn their MBA online in just 30 credit hours. The degree features a mix of modules, mini-modules and electives to give participants a well-rounded education. All course modules are themed, letting learners gain deeper perspective than traditional standalone course work would provide. This top 50 nationally ranked school’s program also features small class sizes, encouraging participation. Overall cost for the program is $20,250.



9. The University of Florida


The MBA program at the University of Florida gives students the option of completing their degree over the course of one or two years. Class size is limited to 65 students to allow for collaborative learning during the 48-credit hour program. Graduate students must attend residencies every four months at this nationally ranked top 50 school. Cost for the one-year track is $48,000; Cost for the two-year track is $58,000.



10. Lehigh University


Students who pursue an MBA at Lehigh University can do so in three formats: in person, online, or a mix of both. For online learners, the institution has ClassroomLive, which allows students to interact in real time with professors at this nationally ranked top 40 school. Streaming video courses are also available for self-paced study and learning. Cost for the program is $1,500 per credit hour plus an additional $100 online fee.



11. University of Tennessee at Martin


Just launched for the 2015 fall semester, University of Tennessee at Martin now offers a hybrid MBA that allows students to learn in a mix of online and in-person instruction. The program requires students to visit campus five times per semester at the nationally ranked top 60 school while working towards the 38-credit-hour degree. Students can select the general business degree option, or take advantage of the agricultural option. Tuition is $1,293 per credit hour.



12. Carnegie Mellon University


The Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business allows graduate students to learn virtually through its part-time online MBA. Charted over the course of three years, students will learn set topics during 16 mini-semesters. Students will also benefit from leadership coaching and workshops throughout their time in the program at the nationally ranked top 25 school. Graduate students must also attend a BaseCamp orientation and complete a summer internship to complete their degree. Cost of the program is $23,113 per semester.



13. George Washington University


The online MBA at George Washington University allows students to earn their degree from virtually anywhere. Participants can learn from videos, podcasts, recorded lectures, and live sessions. Two residencies are required for students to complete the 55-credit-hour degree. While students can complete the program with no concentration, if desired, others can pick up to two from the following topics: consulting, finance, global management, information systems and technology management, and project management. Overall cost for the program is $89,355 at this top 60 nationally ranked school.



14. Syracuse University



Syracuse University now offers their Whitman MBA in a fully online format for distance or career-based learners. The 54-credit-hour degree has multiple focuses, including accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing management, and supply chain management. Students must attend both national and international residencies throughout the program. Tuition is $1,388 per credit at this top 60 nationally ranked university.



15. St. Mary’s College of California


The flexible MBA at St. Mary’s College of California allows career-focused individuals to take their profession  to the next level in 18 credits — without impeding their current work. Ranked in the top 15 percent of colleges in the West, students can earn a general management degree or choose from a variety of concentrations, such as marketing, international management or entrepreneurship. The cost is $3,000 per four-course unit.



16. The University of Memphis


The Online Professional MBA at University of Memphis allows students to learn from the comfort of their home and completely on their own schedule. The 33-credit-hour degree covers a core curriculum gauged towards leadership. For those that crave face-to-face learning, students do have the opportunity to take three selected core classes as a three-day on-campus residency. Cost for the program is $1,067 per credit hour.



17. The University of Maryland


At the University of Maryland, graduate students can earn their degree online in as little as 21 months. The program is the same as the traditional campus-based program, but with the added convenience of attending classes virtually. In addition to offering a general business track, degree concentrations include accounting, finance, information systems and business analytics, and marketing. Students must attend two three-day residencies to complete the 54-credit-hour degree. Tuition is $1,481 per credit hour.



18. Northeastern University


The D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University offers an online MBA with up to eight concentrations. Students can select from specializations such as marketing, healthcare management, high technology management and international management, among others. The nationally top 50 ranked school allows students to earn an exceptional degree over the course of 72 credit hours. Full tuition for the program totals $63,236.



19. Indiana University – Bloomington


The Kelley School of Business offers an MBA in as little as two years for an average cost of $1,300 per credit hour. Students even have the option of attending a virtual open house, or studying abroad. The 51-credit hour degree covers a variety of topics including business law and ethics, marketing, operations, and project management. The school ranks in the top 80 percent of nationally ranked schools.



20. The University of Louisiana – Monroe


To better accommodate graduate students desiring online instruction, the University of Louisiana – Monroe offers a distance MBA. The university ranks in the top 90 in the South, and the program focuses on business, but three further concentrations are available, covering construction management, educational leadership, and gerontology. The program costs $9,319.50 per 12 credit hours.



21. Auburn University


Auburn University offers a fully online experience to students, letting students stream classes live or watch lectures via DVD. The 36-credit-hour program focuses on competitive business environments, case analysis, and predictive modeling, among other topics. Dual graduate degrees are also available, but students can expect to pay $805 per credit hour for the basic MBA offering.



22. SUNY Polytechnic Institute


The 48-credit-hour MBA in Technology Management at SUNY Polytechnic Institute is geared toward those wanting a career in corporate management. Students can choose between attending classes on a part-time or full-time basis, with all classes available online. Students can expect to pay $680 per credit hour.



23. Colorado State University


The College of Business at Colorado State University’s MBA allows students to learn at their own pace. Students can finish in as little as 21 months, or up to four years, depending on their needs. The online program touches on accounting, marketing, leadership, and supply chain over 42 credit hours. Overall tuition is $38,556.



24. North Carolina State University


North Carolina State University has a Flexible MBA geared toward online learners. The 39-credit-hour degree allows students to learn together through virtual collaboration. Teachers are available via chat, email, or phone. A three-day residency is required for degree completion. For jet-setting students, an international residency is also available. Out-of-state tuition at North Carolina State University is projected to be $1,510.57 per credit hour when including applicable fees for the 2015-2016 school year.



25. Arizona State University


For students wanting to learn online or on a limited schedule, the MBA at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University allows students to take one course at a time. The program requires just one on-campus visit, and technical support is available around the clock. Overall cost for the program varies from $54,000 to $63,000.



26. Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge


Students can earn their online MBA from Louisiana State University in just 18 months in a program that focuses on preparing future leaders in fields such as finance, healthcare, information technology, and human resources. Semesters are seven weeks in length, The 42-credit-hour degree costs $1,046 per credit hour.



27. Washington State University


The Carson College of Business at Washington State University lets students earn their MBA completely online. Students can complete their degree in 22 months, choosing a general management degree or focusing on one of four concentrations: finance, hospitality business management, international business, and marketing. Overall cost can vary from $27,000 to $39,750, based on concentration.



28. Hofstra University


The Frank G. Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University now offers an online MBA for those interested in strategic business management and strategic healthcare management. The cohort program is bookended by two residencies where students can get real-time experience and network for future career opportunities. The overall cost of the degree is $72,800.



29. University of Mississippi


The University of Mississippi offers a 36-credit-hour professional MBA for working professionals. Focused on teambuilding, this unique online program features video conferencing and interactive discussions to engage learners wherever they are. Students can finish in just six semesters, paying $528.67 per credit hour.



30. Oklahoma State University


The Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University lets students earn a MBA from anywhere across the country in just 48 credit hours. Online discussion boards allow program participants plenty of interaction, and professors also have virtual office hours to connect with students. Graduate students also have full access to the university’s library for study. Tuition is $964.45 per credit hour.



31. Mississippi State University


The College of Business at Mississippi State University offers students the opportunity to learn more about marketing, economics, management and finance over the course of 30 credit hours. Unlike other more rigid programs, MSU aims for flexibility, allowing students to start any semester they want. Students can expect to pay $435.75 per credit hour.



32. University of North Dakota


The University of North Dakota’s MBA is available completely online. Students virtually attend classes once a week, and can complete the 48-credit-hour program in as little as two years. Students have their choice of starting in fall, spring, or summer, depending on their availability. Tuition costs 964.45 per credit hour.



33. Pepperdine University


Pepperdine University has four MBA concentrations to choose from, including finance, marketing, general management and leadership and managing organizational change.. The top 60 nationally ranked school offers students a 100 percent online experience, allowing them to learn on their own schedule. Cost for the program is $23,200 per term.



34. University of La Verne


The 33-credit-hour MBA at University of La Verne can be earned in person, online, or a mix of both learning styles, based on a student’s schedule or needs. Online learners have one concentration available to them, while traditional students may have more selection. Tuition for the program is $720 per credit hour.



35. University of Nevada – Reno


Offered through the Business Administration department, the Executive Online MBA at University of Nevada – Reno allows students to earn a degree in as little as two years. The 36-credit-hour degree can be molded to fit a variety of careers, with concentrations in accounting, finance, and information technology. Cost for this degree is $666.66 per credit hour.



36. Ball State University


When students sign up for the online MBA at Ball State University, they can attend up to 50 different classes whenever they like. The online program includes email and chat interaction with professors and fellow students, online discussion boards and technical assistance. Graduate students can expect to finish within six semesters at this top 200 nationally ranked institution. Cost is $579 per credit hour.



37. West Virginia University


The Executive MBA degree at West Virginia University is specially designed for career-focused individuals who have tight schedules but still want to further their skillset. Graduate students can start in August or January and must attend four on-campus residencies to further build teamwork skills and foster deeper learning. The 48-credit-hour degree costs $7,902 per academic year.



38. City University of Seattle


The City University of Seattle has a full range of options for those looking to earn a MBA. From traditional learning, mixed-mode learning, and full-online learning, students can truly pick what works for them while they complete 48 credit hours. For online learners, getting assignments and watching videos or getting other content is just a login away. Cost is $665 per credit hour.



39. Walden University


The online MBA program at Walden University is built so students tailor their experience to their career goals. Over the course of 36 credit hours, students can utilize CareerBoost, a special management tool unique to Walden University, to guide their study. Accelerated learning options are also available, and students can also stream panels and discussions from business conventions across the world. The cost of the program is $895 per credit hour.



40. New England College of Business

NECB-Stacked-2Color (1)

The New England College of Business allows career-focused individuals to earn an MBA over the course of 60 weeks through online classes. Students can tailor the degree to one of three concentrations: finance, business ethics, and healthcare. The overall cost of the degree is $34,680.



41. Boise State University


The College of Business and Economics at Boise State University offers an online MBA students can complete in just 12 months. The 49-credit-hour degree focuses on managerial communication and accounting, among other curriculum. Students get the full digital experience at this nationally ranked top 70 school–traditional textbooks aren’t even needed. Total cost for the program is $36,750.



42. Florida International University


Florida International University delivers an accelerated corporate MBA completely online for busy or career-focused individuals. Students can take advantage of e-tutoring and e-advising through the program. Overall cost for the 42-credit-hour degree is $42,000, but a $10,000 scholarship is available to individuals and military veterans.



43. East Carolina University


The College of Business at East Carolina University allows students to customize their learning schedule to their needs. Students can attend all classes in person, online, or a mix of both. Classes can be taken in any order provided that prerequisites are met, and students may take anywhere between one and five classes per semester. East Carolina University offers an extremely flexible program taking between 33 and 54 credit-hours depending on the prior learning of students. Out-of-state tuition is projected to be $976.57 per credit hour for the 2015-2016 school year.


44. Portland State University


The 72-credit-hour healthcare MBA at Portland State University is a specially designed program with Oregon Health and Science University. Students can earn their degree in 33 months, taking full-time or part-time classes. Curriculum focuses on healthcare management, marketing, and operations. The program is a hybrid, marrying virtual classes with in-person residencies. Cost is $556 per credit hour.



45. Thunderbird School of Global Management


The Master of Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management features curriculum touching on world business, international studies and cross cultural communications. The lock-step program allows users to learn from anywhere. In-person residences are required, but locations vary. The 46.5-credit-hour program costs $59,000.



46. Georgia State University


Georgia State University offers a flex MBA that can be earned over the course of two to five years. Depending on the concentration, the degree encompasses up to 54 credit hours. For learners wanting to attend in-person classes, three campus locations are available. The total cost of the program is $81,594.



47. University of North Texas


The College of Business at University of North Texas offers an accelerated online MBA in Strategic Management. Graduate students can earn their degree from anywhere in the country in as little as 14 months, and choose from five start dates throughout the year. Semesters are eight weeks in length. The 36-credit-hour degree is $1592.10 per three-hour course (for Texas residents).



48. Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The Robert A. Foisie School of Business at Worcester Polytechnic Institute has a Flex MBA specially designed for working students. Online learning and assignments are balanced by three Saturday classes per semester. Students can tailor their class load to their current schedule, taking fewer or more hours as needed to complete the 48 credit hour program at this nationally top 70 ranked institution. Overall tuition is $65,568.



49. Southern New Hampshire University


The 39-credit-hour MBA at Southern New Hampshire University is designed to allow recent graduates or career-focused individuals to earn a degree in as little as 21 months. The graduate program lets students take courses online or attend classes in multiple locations or a mix of both. Cost per credit hour is $627.



50. Fayetteville State University


Fayetteville State University offers an online MBA for students wanting to learn from the comfort of their home. Over the course of 42 credit hours, students can virtually attend live classes and ask questions in real-time via Adobe Connect or catch up via recorded lectures. Graduate students have up to six years to complete their degree, if needed. The cost is $688.19 per credit hour.