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We understand your time is valuable. With more online course options available daily, we work through the noise to present the best value in online course providers: paid, free, massive or mentored.


In the evolving world of online education, sometimes it’s all a bit too complex to distill down into a numerical ranking. That doesn’t mean you still don’t need a voice you trust. For overviews of emerging online learning trends, and discussions that need to happen, check out our features.


Online education is downright exciting at the moment. From the latest VC rushes, to tips on how to get the most out of your online education, check out our Blog.


Online Course Report was started after our own journeys through the jungle of online courses. We realized an independent and thoroughly researched voice covering online courses, how to get the most out of them, and what you should avoid was needed.

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The 10 Best Online Masters in Educational Technology Degree Programs

The 10 Best Online Masters in Educational Technology Degree Programs

How can you ensure effective quality of education in the 21st century classroom? Should the Internet and technological devices be pigeon holed as distractions and eliminated from the instructional environment? The obvious answer is “no” but understanding how these tools are assets and not inhibitors is not so obvious. Faster than you can say “change” […]

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Your e-Learning Toolkit

There are more ways to learn online than ever before. All you need is a plan to upgrade your skills, enhance your knowledge, and change your perspective.

Stepping Stones

  Call it a 21st-century problem, but sometimes the sheer number of educational options online can be a deterrent from actually starting to learn anything.

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Online learning has a variety of price points, but it’s mostly low cost or free. Depending on your needs, check out our listing of 5400 free online courses from top universities here. Still can’t find what you need? Check out our search tool with over 10,000 courses here.

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Low commitment, high reward. Learn about your work, your future, or yourself. We’ve got a number of features to guide you on your way, from learning pathways, to rankings, to our database of over 10,000 online courses. If you’re looking for more general info about some of the best skills or careers you can learn […]

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